Fitbit Charge HR固件更新版本18.84

Fitbit Charge HR Firmware Version 18.84 官方介绍:

This release provides the following new features and improvements:

  • With Quick View, you don’t need a free hand to check the time on your Fitbit Charge HR™. Instead of pressing the button, just turn your wrist towards you and the time will appear for a few seconds. You can enable Quick View under Settings > Devices on your dash.If you find that your battery is draining too quickly, turn off Quick View.

Fitbit Charge HR 抬腕显示时间

  • Immediately get summary data about your workouts instead of waiting to sync your tracker. Now when you turn exercise mode off, your workout’s elapsed time scrolls across the tracker’s screen for about four seconds. After the elapsed time, the following summary stats appear in turn:
    • Average heart rate
    • Calories burned
    • Steps taken
    • Distance covered
    • Floors climbed

    If you miss the summary, you can always check your web ( or mobile dashboard after syncing to see all your historical data.

  • You can now tap your screen once to advance to the next screen.
  • When charging your tracker, you’ll now see the current battery level.
  • You no longer need to press the button to see your goal celebration. When you reach your fitness goal, your tracker will celebrate immediately.

This release resolves the following issues:

  • High floor counts have been fixed. Some customers reported artificially inflated floor counts.
  • All exercise records now appear on the Activities page. Some customers reported being unable to find historical activities.
  • Trackers no longer restart unexpectedly. Some customers reported trackers restarting during setup or while enabling call notifications.




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