Fitbit Charge HR 固件更新版本18.102

官方论坛 11 月 10 号放出消息,放出 Fitbit Charge HR 固件更新版本18.102,以下是官网给出的介绍:

This release provides the following new features and improvements:

  • SmartTrack™ is now available to automatically track your exercise.
  • We’ve enhanced our PurePulse™ heart-rate technology. Now when you activate exercise mode, you’ll have even better heart-rate tracking during certain high-intensity workouts like Zumba® or bootcamp classes.
  • Quick View is improved.
  • Step data is now counted towards challenges even when your tracker has very low battery.

It also provides minor bug and security fixes.

这 次更新,优化了快速查看功能,优化了心率检测算法,还可以自动根据所进行的运动来调整。也强化了低电量情况下计步性能,电池容量就那么些了,低电量还能更 好的使用这个还是挺不错的。另外,就是修补了一下 Bug,手机通知隐私问题也有强化。比起上一次 Fitbit Charge HR固件更新版本18.84 来说,更新力度不大,但是已经很完美了,在很高层次上之后,每一点进步都很难、很小。

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